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Unearthed Legend - Rayquaza TF (by Wyr)
“Oh man…. how much longer until I’m done for today?” John thought to himself, idly flipping burgers as he counted down the minutes to when he could finally quit for the evening. The tired, worn-out twentysomething was just waiting for the day to end so he could get back home and get a few hours rest. That was all he could do, given that his boss seemed to have a bone to pick with him, calling him out to work at the most inappropriate times and everything. He had been working continuously for the last three weeks, not getting much time to rest in between shifts.
“Almost time now…” He thought, watching the clock tick closer to 6pm. Eventually it reached that time, and he couldn’t be more relieved. “Thank Arceus, I can finally punch out for the evening!” He smiled, leaving the grills as he went to get his stuff.
“And just where do you think you’re going?” An all too familiar voice called out behind him.
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 16 7
Space Race chapter 1: Work
I groaned, crawling out from behind the burnt out console. Yet another simulation in which engineering gets blown to shit. ‘way to start the day, kiddo...’ I thought to myself, standing up along with the rest of my teammates. Same old routine, day in, day out, especially now that it’s the final exam season. Not that I really cared, anyway. I was here to earn my keep and pay the bills. That’s it. No glorious protection of the people, and no aspirations to be a hero. In fact, I didn’t really like space anyway, yet I was going to work on a starship. Such an incredibly intelligent choice of career... While people gunned to be on vessels such as the Enterprise, I hoped to be posted to some remote outpost that no one had heard off, where I could rot away and earn my pay in peace...
Still, despite my rubbish grades, the fleet took me in, and insisted that I stay, saying that my aptitude in engineering was seemingly off the scale. I had my doubts about that, but w
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 2 10
Cult Craziness
Cult Craziness
by KettouRyuujin and Kit-The-Wolfy
Have you ever had one of those really weird days? You know the kind- when something happens that throws you everyday life out of balance. Maybe it's that day when you woke up and your living room was repainted. Maybe it's the day when you found out your mom was pregnant.
For me, it was the day when I was turned into a dragon. 
Well, part-dragon, at least.
The whole thing started out normal - wake up, get dressed, go to school, get bullied, the norm. Alright, I did see some guys in weird cloaks here and there, but they vanished so quickly I could've sworn they were hallucinations. I really didn't pay attention to them.
That was my big mistake.
I was minding my own business, walking home after another hard, humdrum day at school, when I found one of those weird cloaked guys standing in front of me, staring right at me with  bloodshot, kind of crazed-looking eyes.
"Uhhh... mind getting out of the w
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 8 11
Arce's PBL app by KettouRyuujin Arce's PBL app :iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 1 12 Kettou's card by KettouRyuujin Kettou's card :iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 3 10
Virtual Seikai
I slowly sat up and stretched the kinks in my human form out, ready for another day of college. However, I knew my mind would be on another thing entirely the whole day. That thing – or rather, my means of accessing it - entered my vision as soon as I entered the front room of my apartment. It was a large, angular pod covered with multiple silver panels. Each panel was peppered with lights, levers and screens. On the very top was a translucent black case, through which I could barely see a helmet with a straw attached to it. This was the VUP – the Virtual Universe Pod. It would allow me to enter a digital world where I could take on any form I wished, including that of my Lung dragon character. That, right there, was what made the whole thing worthwhile… forget the fact that I could traverse into the realms of any video games I had placed in my VUP, or access an infinitely customizable realm of my own (although that last part did
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 8 20
Shinkou from Kaito's holiday '12 group image-no BG by KettouRyuujin Shinkou from Kaito's holiday '12 group image-no BG :iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 12 15 Shinkou from Kaito's holiday '12 group image-BG by KettouRyuujin Shinkou from Kaito's holiday '12 group image-BG :iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 9 9 Storm Gun by KettouRyuujin Storm Gun :iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 1 4
A Unique Workout
A Unique Workout
“Yep: you need to get in better shape.” The girl in front of me tugged some of the skin on my upper arm gently for emphasis, showing how much excess, ah, “flab” I had.
“You know I don’t like working out, Aria.”
“Trust me: after you try this gym out, you’ll be singing a different tune.” I sighed, admitting defeat: Once my girlfriend had her mind made up; there was barely any hope of changing it.
Aria and I had known each other since we both started attending Heritage University roughly 3 years ago, and we had been dating for about a year now, with very few problems popping up. This was one of them (to me, at least). You see, Aria had gotten on a bit of a health kick a few months back, and decided to try out this new gym in town. Called the “Dream Gym”, it was best known for its rapid results. And I've seen the speed firsthand: after just
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 30 29
Trickster's Treat
Trickster’s Treat
Entry for TTFA Halloween 2012 contest
Bold: Foreign word, translations in description
‘Italics surrounded by apostrophes’: Thoughts
Italics w/ underline: Memory/flashback 
“Alright; let’s see if we can stop those candy thieves before they do any real damage this year.”
*sigh* “Kane, I’ve tried to make you see reason, but since you’re so insistent on this I’m going to have to let you go on this crazy mission... and go with you, seeing as you were insistent on that also.”
“Come on, Aria! I’ve told you a million times: there’s no such thing as ghosts. Candy thieves, however… Oh, they are going down this year.”
For the past 4 Halloweens, a trio of bullies had been setting up shop at random hiding places throughout the neighborhood, pouncing on unsuspecting trick-or-treaters and taking their candy. Catching the
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 16 27
The Mansion's 'Curse'
The Mansion's "Curse"
Entry for TFtales Halloween 2012 contest
                Somehow, my girlfriend Aria had managed to convince me to go check out the decrepit Canach* manor. Ever since the patriarch of the clan, Geasan**, had died 19 years ago, no-one who entered had returned. No-one. Supposedly, the place was haunted, and the ghosts took whoever entered the house and added them to their fold. Now, I’m not the superstitious type, but going into a house where people were known to disappear seemed like a bad idea. Besides, it looked really creepy. But Halloween was just around the corner, and Aria wanted to do something spooky together for once.
                Aria opened the front door, and as it *creaked* open I took a few deep breaths, taking a mental inventory of my backpack one last time before we dove i
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 43 17
One Wish = One Changed Reality
                                                                                                One Wish = One Changed Reality
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 10 12
Change, Escape, Adjust
Change, Escape, Adjust  (Entry for TFtales Summer 2012 contest)
“Uhnnnn…” ‘Where am I?’
Paul awoke to find himself not in his own bed, but in what appeared to be a high-tech jail cell, complete with energy-field cell door. Having no clue as to how he got there, he decided to ransack his memories for any clue as to what may have happened last night, hoping to find something that could help him. As time went on, he became so engrossed in his search that he failed to notice the field vanish and a hovering drone enter the room. Until the drone zapped him, that is. *BZZZAAP!!!*
“EYAARGH!” The strength of the shock resulted in Paul lying on the floor, stunned.
Subject 727-B, you are to come with me.
Not wanting another shock, Paul did his best to stand up and follow the drone outside the cell, where he was promptly surrounded by three more of the drones.  In his surprise, Paul forgot to start walking unt
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 6 15
Scourge of the Skies
Scourge of the Skies (Original story for TFtales March mini-contest)
“There’s no time to explain. Get in the car.”
Gunfire sounded all around the 20-something male, as he deliberated whether or not to get in the vehicle. Supposedly, the woman beckoning him was a notorious criminal responsible for multiple disappearances over the past week. However, the fact that the local police seemed overly secretive about the whole thing seemed to imply that something more was going on.  *Bang**Bang* *BangBangBang* It didn’t help that mobsters were firing at him from one side, and other people were firing at the mobsters from the other side.
His decision was made for him as the woman yanked Kane into the car, sending him sprawling on the seat. Rubbing the back of his neck, which was suddenly in pain, Kane heard the car door slam behind him before it suddenly took off.  On the verge of blacking out, Kane managed to right himself and buckle up before aski
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 7 8
Finding Your True Self (Kiriban prize for x0007)
                To the average person, the woods behind Gravely Orphanage were rather silent. Not to Edward. He could hear the birds in the trees, the animals on the ground, and the wind rustling the leaves.
                Edward sighed as he ambled through the wood, thinking about his life. He was an orphan, like all the other kids at Gravely. It was actually rather nice place, contrary to the media's perception of orphanages. All the staff were kind to him, as his fellow orphans were friendly-well, except for the occasional “rotten apple” (they just couldn't be avoided). Thing was, Edward just couldn’t connect with anyone. He was unable to make any real friendships, and any attempts at adoption failed. His heart just wouldn't open up to anyone, no matter how hard he tried.
:iconkettouryuujin:KettouRyuujin 7 23


Happy holidays from deviantART!

'Twas the night before Christmas, when all through dA,
Not a troll was stirring, nor Grinch in his sleigh.
Deviations were hung in digital Galleries with care,
In hopes that +Favourites soon would be there.
The n00bs were nestled all snug in their beds,
While visions of Daily Deviations danced in their heads.
And Fella in his 'kerchief, and spyed with his night-light,
Had just settled down to log-off for the night,
When over in the Forums there arose such a clatter,
Fella sprang back online to see what was the matter.
To the browser window he flew like a flash,
Tore open the tabs and refreshed the cache.
When what to his art-loving eyes should appear,
But an animated sleigh and eight commissioned reindeer,
With a little old driver, so creative and slick,
Fella knew in a moment it must be St. Nick.
More rapid than broadband, his reindeer were famed,
After all his favorite ar
:iconheidi:Heidi 2,699 3,170
Sabers by DeadSlug Sabers :icondeadslug:DeadSlug 2,744 74 Com: 'He's Definitely Much Taller in This Form...' by EccentricChimera Com: 'He's Definitely Much Taller in This Form...' :iconeccentricchimera:EccentricChimera 13 2 Prize: 'Eastern Sniper Rifle Dragon...?' by EccentricChimera Prize: 'Eastern Sniper Rifle Dragon...?' :iconeccentricchimera:EccentricChimera 12 1 Optimus Ready by caesar120 Optimus Ready :iconcaesar120:caesar120 2,421 631 $20 Request from NightlyWinter on patreon by phation $20 Request from NightlyWinter on patreon :iconphation:phation 504 20 master forger by THEKIDWITHAKNIFE master forger :iconthekidwithaknife:THEKIDWITHAKNIFE 19 6 Manda the Dragon with the Gun by Ghostwalker2061 Manda the Dragon with the Gun :iconghostwalker2061:Ghostwalker2061 188 27 Monsterised-Tiamagandr by TwiliGravity Monsterised-Tiamagandr :icontwiligravity:TwiliGravity 43 24 Rex, well rested by Rekalnus Rex, well rested :iconrekalnus:Rekalnus 9 10 Wild West by Pokkuti Wild West :iconpokkuti:Pokkuti 128 12 Taleese by AkuOreo Taleese :iconakuoreo:AkuOreo 286 12 Arcady 1 by Orbz-Firefly Arcady 1 :iconorbz-firefly:Orbz-Firefly 110 17 Where Will We Go? (Rune for Fantasy Xchange) by Ulario Where Will We Go? (Rune for Fantasy Xchange) :iconulario:Ulario 64 13 Commissioned Imperial by KageZeo Commissioned Imperial :iconkagezeo:KageZeo 16 3


We got a possible suicide here...

Guys, go support this person in any way you can - either by encouraging him directly or chewing out/getting dirt (not blackmail) on/reportingthe culprits - such as :iconthenashnetwork:

P.s. Sorry for crudeness, this was done from phone  in early morning - THAT should say something about the situation.

Update: remember when I said I wrote this late at night? Well I think I may have overreacted, partially due to that. So I'm OFICIALLY calling off the "manhunt" on :iconthenashnetwork:. Don't call me a troll supporter - it's just that his side of the story presents some evidence that things may have just spun out of control, and Nash wasn't trolling after all. So he may certain well be innocent.

Thanks for acknowledging these concerns.
Just wanted to let everyone know that, for the most part, I will now be operating on Central Standard Time instead of Eastern Standard Time. Basically, this means I'm an hour behind what I normally was (i.e. 2:30 EST is 1:30 CST).

That's all.
Hey all,

I'm gonna be off at camp starting tomorrow afternoon and getting out Thursday afternoon. However, this camp has a strict no-electronics-outside-of-cabins rule, so I'll be essentially dropping off the map for a while. I'm not sure if I'll be able to use it at night - I might be able to, but probably will only have time to check my dA messages and all. So yeah, I'll be seeing you all in a few days.

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Artist | Student | Literature
United States
Aspring author and TF fan, and also a United Methodist. I'm a Christian, and I'm not afraid to say it!

-Skype name is same as dA username-


I've joined :iconbradley-the-blue-fox:'s dA family. Here's the rest of the gang:

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Hey, here's an idea you can use to try and get your motivation back. I remember hearing you were a fan of dnd so why not a story similar to the coming of dragons series featuring various mythical beasts that are released from a dungeons and dragons bestiary? I'll gladly try and help you write it if you still need a boost in motivation.
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